First real Eco-friendly AGE “Biomass Ultima” technology will be located in Croatia

The Board of Directors of the AGE project unanimously decided at yesterday’s meeting of the Management Board that the first EU-based factory with the latest AGE “Biomass Ultima” technology, will be installed in Croatia, in Valpovo.

The 400 KW power cogeneration plant for producing electric power and organic carbon will also include the latest completely closed 93m³ automatic storage system for continuous and optimum maintenance of the humidity of the input material (wood chips).

As the founder of AGE project, Roberto Hroval explained that the decision mentioned above was made because Croatia offers a favourable environment for the development of alternative energy sources, especially for wood biomass.

The Croatian government’s Alternative Energy Source program currently offers long-term, 14-year contracts for the purchase of electricity of approx. €200/MWh, but the government has decided to switch to the so-called “quota system”, in the near future.

Otherwise, in this market, potential needs for such types of technology are estimated at around 120MW, as there is real demand, especially for new “eco-friendly” installations and new more innovative financial investment approaches.

Globally, compared to the small number of competitive systems, the AGE “BIOMASS ULTIMA technology is a big step forward, not only technologically but also because of the level of support guarantees, service response, and more usable output products that are not offered by any other competitors.