The production facility based in Slovenia, a country at the heart of Europe, was founded with the aim of producing a new generation Biomass Ultima technology. It’s the cogeneration system with the highest utilisation rate on the market, high added value organic carbon production, very robust and easy-to-maintain machinery, closed loop operation (no chimney, no wastes) with EU-wide support and service.

It is also the first long-term sustainable alternative energy source with the possibility of using low-quality forest waste. Biomass Ultima technology is a new, completely closed (zero emissions) configuration, FGPG (Fluidized Bed Gasification Power Generation) plant. The output electric power of the plant can range from 200 kW to 12 MW, and it is suitable for a various input biomass types including wood chips, coconut shells, rice hulls, and similar.

Working Principle

The working principle of Biomass Ultima technology is that the dried biomass continuously enters the degassing process (starting in a reactor) over special 93, 186 or X m³ dry storage containers where (aided by high-temperatures, 700 – 800°C) it is degassed, producing a gas calorific value greater than 1,100 Kcal/Nm³. After that, an associated water purification technology cleans the ash and tar, collects, compresses, and returns it as additional reactor fuel. Thus, the purified CH4 gas is fed into a robust gas engine that drives a generator to produce electric power.

Biomass Ultima technology from AGE Industries allows the utilization of biomass energy of over 80% via three of its own innovations (cleaning water system, continuous utilization system and air capture loop system).
The rest is part of thermal energy (every 1.2 MWh of electricity adds approx. 2 MWh of heat), which can be replaced with high added value organic carbon (80% carbon content, approx. 1500 tons/year). The technology is characterized by a high degree of decomposition (> 85%). A unique, innovative odour-capture loop system allows a completely closed production process.

Output Characterictics

Max. production of the plant per year, approx. 8.200 MWh

HEAT (option 1)
Max. production of the plant per year, approx. 15.000 MWh

Max. production of the plant per year, approx. 1.500 metric tons

Project Custom Planning

Each plant design starts with project preparation for each site separately, depending on a variety of site parameters, including land and building permissions, grid location, local client contracts, business plan, and others. Every client can decide which output option (please see below: Output Characteristics, HEAT as option 1, or ORGANIC CARBON as option 2) is more suitable for site characteristics and business demands.

Each plant contains the following robust and long-term sustainable elements (+25 years): optimal drying machinery, special drying storage (maintains optimal level of input biomass humidity), reactor, gasification system, biological and technical water cleaning system, air loop system, generator set with catalyser and sound limiter, cooling towers, all connection devices, automatic elevators, electronics, overall smart surveillance system, etc.

AGE Biomass Ultima technology meets all EU and USA environmental standards in terms of emissions into the environment. There is no need for the disposal of hazardous waste and wastewater because of its innovative cleaning system (Self Liquid Discharge System).

As a by-product in the production process, organic carbon is created (pic. below), which can be used for sale as solid fuel or a high added value product in other industries (pharmaceutical, agriculture).

Laboratory Support for the Clients

We have developed a unique laboratory that provides clients with precise insights into the process of Biomass Ultima Technology.

The AGE Biomass Ultima Technology Lab is a sophisticated and technologically identical version of a Biomass Ultima Technology cogeneration facility; it allows the customer to choose the input material (wood, coconut, walnut, rice, straw, and various mixtures according to the local possibilities), test it and observe the whole process until the final production of electricity, water, heat and organic carbon (measured to the gram).Individual parameters of thermal, energy and other efficiencies are also calculated.

The process is laboratory-accurate so that each customer can easily calculate all the output values to be expected in their AGE Biomass Ultima Technology cogeneration facility.

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